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Angels, ancestors and winged creatures connect the works of Palesa Flory and Buhle Ngabe. Form is function in After God’s Own Heart and, using online social media, the audience decides on the fate of a young woman killed in a taxi accident. In Swan Song, Taung, beset by grief finds her wings and her transfiguration from broken swan to fully actualised being is wondrous. “Poetry as wings of compassion” is how Ayanda Billie navigates through adversity and emerges stronger in his poetic narration of the tribulations of life in KwaNobuhle. It is music that Liso uses to cope with the current pandemic and her personal style of Ancestral Jazz is a spiritual plea to her audiences and the ancestors. The commonality of art as leverage through difficulty is a tactile thread through this work, whether it be rhyme or rhythm, its value in times of adversity is evident. The sheer escapism of it, however, is encapsulated in the brevity of Lockdown Went Wrong. The scale of terror it evokes is belied by its length and the motif of an unlucky escape is echoed in another short film, Cake.

Songs are like the Grass: Madosini in Concert


A fascinating glimpse into the life and music of the 2020 National Arts Festival Featured Artist.


The world burns… Nzinga 17th century warrior queen of Ndonga / Angola looks over her continent… Nzinga sighs… What time it is?


In this experience, everything, even the most tiny movement that we assume not worth mentioning gets measured, recorded and valued.

Jopolo: Spaceships from pre-colonial Africa

A grief stricken man travels to the stars to search for his dead wife. A surprisingly inspirational tale .

The Voice in Your Head

Talk, Performance Art

A playful, interactive, live Zoom show exploring the nature of mindfulness. At times a performance, at other times a participatory game.

isitimela Sendaba – The Story Train

11 days, 11 vibrant storytellers bring you a daily dose of African stories to engage and delight! Come journey with us on the ASSITEJ SA story train.

After God’s own heart


What wouldn’t you say to secure your afterlife?

Human Study #1 from a distance


Human Study #1 is an installation in which humans can take part in online streamed performances in which they are drawn live by robots located in Belgium.

Beethoven, 250 years later


The Wits trio presents some of the most wonderful Beethoven trios written for violin, cello and piano.

Cake the Movie

This cake is not as sweet as it looks…

Zaf’ingane Ancestral Jazz


Liso the Musician is undoubtedly one of the greatest talents to emerge out of Khayelitsha in recent years.

LOCKDOWN WENT WRONG – 1 Minute Short Horror Film

Horror film

In this short horror, a finalist in the Britflicks Lockdown Film Fest, taking a selfie turns into something a lot more sinister.

Poems in Times of Distress


Ayanda Billie performs his recent volume of published poetry exploring his life in his home town KwaNobuhle.



The journey of a young Tswana woman born with a winged scapula – a symbol of a constant struggle for a sense of belonging.

Swing City

Three of SA’s best-loved singers pay tribute to the Swing tradition

Ramon Alexander

Leading exponent of Cape jazz