How it works

Your quick guide to the Virtual National Arts Festival 2020


The Virtual National Arts Festival will be 11 days of a curated programme of online creativity – pre-recorded and live events, short films, virtual art exhibitions, jam sessions, interactive events, webinars and more – that spans the South African and international arts scene. There will also be a pay-per-view platform available, where you’ll be able to buy tickets to view works by a wide range of artists.


With the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, we had to choose between cancelling and doing something completely different. Wanting to find a way to support local artists, technicians and other creative workers, we decided to take the experience of Amazing online.


The Virtual National Arts Festival, as usual, runs for 11 days – from 25 June to 5 July this year.


The National Arts Festival website is the portal to the entire event. Each day, we will release a programme of curated events. To view the daily programme, you will need to buy a pass to unlock the events – some will be live at a specific time; others will be available to view when it suits you. There are also a variety of works that are free, including art and craft galleries. The vFringe is a new open-access, pay-per-view platform for artists to sell tickets and show their work.


We’ve put up an online showcase of traders, crafters and their fabulous wares for you to browse. Look for the Virtual Green.